Safety Marking Inc. celebrates 23 years of partnership with the Thomas Merton Center

Safety Marking Inc. celebrates 23 years of partnership with the Thomas Merton Center

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. , Nov. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — To commemorate twenty-three years of lasting partnership, Mark Kelly was honored with a Plaque of Gratitude by the Thomas Merton Center for his contributions in giving back to the local community of Bridgeport, CT. This recognition is a testament to Mark Kelly’s commitment and dedication to serve those in need since 1998.

“Mark was instrumental in supporting ‘Project Warm’, a Thomas Merton Center initiative during the winter months. The purpose of the Project was to provide a warm, safe, comfortable, and sustainable alternative venue for the guests of the Center. Through his support and efforts, it was possible to continue The Merton Center’s mission of providing meals and other support services during the pandemic. Mark’s passion and support for this project made a difference,” shares Bob Colson, Operations Manager at the Thomas Merton Center.

The mission of the Center is to provide a loving, safe, and hope-filled community that responds to the needs of its guests and residents and respects the dignity of each person. Catholic Charities of Fairfield County Executive Director, Mike Donoghue, lauded Mark Kelly and Safety Marking’s loyal support: “23 years is literally half the Merton Center’s history. Time and tenure are just the beginning of the story, though. When I consider the human impact of Mark and Safety Marking’s support, it’s remarkable. Imagine the lives we’ve changed and saved over those two decades.” Donoghue continued, “Mark reminds us that while we may track our progress in the number of meals we serve or referrals our case managers make, we’re talking about saving people’s lives. One person at a time.” Donoghue concluded, “Thomas Merton once said that we do not exist for ourselves. Mark Kelly, his family and SMC demonstrate this every day and we are forever thankful.”

The Thomas Merton Center serves an average of 400 meals a day and the center recently launched its virtual fundraiser – A Day in the Life of The Thomas Merton Center. Mark Kelly of Safety Marking sponsored this event. To date, the event has raised over $300,000. Mark Kelly states: “It is very important to me to support such a vital and complex initiative; meeting the needs of our vulnerable neighbors in Bridgeport, CT. I am doing what Thomas Merton would want and that is the point. We are helping to provide critical resources for our neighbors suffering from food insecurity and needing basics such as shelter and groceries.”

Mark Kelly of Easton, Ct. is the Founder and President of Safety Marking, Inc. Mark Kelly recognizes how important it is to give back to the local community and has made a lifelong commitment providing aid to local neighbors in need. Mark Kelly has also been a member of The Thomas Merton Center Advisory Board in Bridgeport, CT for over 20 years. He is committed to the very important work they do of providing safety and hope to those who need it most.

For more information about Mark Kelly, Safety Marking Inc.’s Founder, and their Safety Program, visit the company website at

About Mark Kelly
Mark Kelly is the Founder and President of Safety Marking, Inc. He started the company in 1973 as a small family-owned striping business servicing Fairfield County, Connecticut. He instilled in it his values of accountability, teamwork, and integrity and managed to redefine the marketplace by setting the industry standard with premium products and services. Mark Kelly’s dedication resulted in Safety Marking Inc. becoming a pavement marking leader, providing top-notch services in New York, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

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